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Voice description: Deep and Warm, Smooth and Sexy....YEAH BABY! Can be Expressive and Emotional, Dramatic, and Powerful Exciting and Energetic....Blah Blah Blah! From Over the Top to The Guy Next Door. Straight....Yes I am! Believable Honest and Convincing. Sincere and Eloquent....Is that spelled right? Sports Announcer, Sportscaster, Sports, Sports Sports anything I Love Sports!Can be Animated Articulate and an Educated Narrator....from Harvard Darling if necessary! Theatrical Trailers and Advertising Promos. High Energy Voice Informative and Cutting Edge....Wow Really! Distinct and meaningful, Friendly Credible Open and Secure....well except for this one time at Band Camp!

Impersonation, Characters, Dialects and accents include:
India, Hillbilly, Redneck, Country Voice, Western Voice, Cowboy Voice Over, Texas Voice Over, Southern Voice Over, Pirate Voice, Drill Sergeant and New York accents. Some Voice Impressions include; Bill Paxton, Morgan Freeman, Jeff Bridges, Cleveland from the Cleveland Show, Walter Cronkite, Howard Cosell.

Experience: My first experience in broadcasting was as a on-air traffic reporter morning and afternoon drive times in a major market, Tampa Bay. I drove a customized high profile van painted like a zebra and named the "BuschWhacker" as our sponsor was Busch Gardens, I was also introduced to helicopter traffic reporting flying occasionally as a member of the Bay Flight rescue helicopter crew. I was fortunate enough to work with 3 Great and long time radio personalities who introduced me to the world of voice over's in 1990 and have been in the business ever since. I have voiced countless radio and television ads since 1990 including Home Depot, AT&T, The SEC, many independent car dealerships, insurance companies, IVR's, and so on.

Age Ranges: Early 30 and up. Young Adult Male, Middle Aged Male, Senior Male.

Language: American English

Studio Equipment: Vintech X73i Mic Preamp Processor, FMR Audio PBC-6A Compressor, Sennheiser MKH-416-(P48) Shotgun Microphone, M-Audio, KRK Rockit 6, Audition CS6, Source Connect, ISDN, Phone Patch.

Delivery Method: .WAV, .AIF, .mp3 delivered direct via ftp to client or downloadable from my server.

Home Base: Tampa Bay Area, Fl, U.S.A.

Voice Over Talent, Voice Over,  Voice Actor, Voice Talent, Voice Over Artist
Voice Over Talent and Voice Overs from Voice Actor


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